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East Cape Wharf

"We're investing to return a life line to the East Coast"

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An NZ Infrastructure 


New Wharf and Community Infrastructure Plan

80+ Permanent Jobs, 30 year resource planning
$50 million local investment program
$100 million + saving on regional road repairs
$378 million 'additional' income for land owners over 27 years

The Project 
Introduction & Objectives

Following are application excerpts:

Terrafermah is to undertake a Wharf Development at East Cape. The development will consist of a marshaling/receiving complex of approximately 4 ha. The wharf proper is adjacent and below the receiving area and will be approximately 1.5 ha of service area. The development is on private land and is serviced by a private road.  Activity will include but not limited to: receiving and marshaling logs, truck cycle administration, and vessel load out operations, harbour administration and portage services. 

new site B draft.jpg
East cape wharf.
Site option B, deep water access.
Single lane berth 300 x 50 m


Development Horizon

Containerized Freight          Bulk Fuels        Cruise Ship Berth        Local Cultural Tourism          Aqua Culture Export          Horticulture Export

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