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What are MiHome Villages?


                      These clusters of dwellings are being built to provide affordable housing.

                      The focus is on houses suitable for 55+ years age or disabled persons, who are in need of (low cost) housing .

By low cost we mean:

                      Affordable rents (up to 20% below market rent)

                   Lower operating costs over the year (energy , telecoms, water)

By low cost we do NOT mean low quality.

                      These MiHome villages have been designed to exceed the standards set by private housing.


How can MiHome do this ?

                      MiHome Villages works with its sister companies

                   NZ construction Ltd – who supplies and installs the dwellings, as well as project manages civil works.

                   Terrafermah Ltd , who project manages the developments.





The result

Is the bringing together and vertical integration of the separate disciplines and experience of these three companies . 

Combining the founding directors experience of technology, property development, timber manufacturing, and distribution with that of an entrepreneur, means that from the ground up we have used this skill set to innovate the most efficient way to manufacture , supply , erect and manage housing.


These MiHome Modulock dwellings have patents pending and over 150 pages of detailed specifications,  installation and quality assurance plans & manuals . This is to ensure that these dwellings are erected to the high standards expected, in the efficient manner as designed.


Who can have a MiHome Village?

These villages are only for specific corporate customers due to the scale of efficiencies required to deliver them. These include social housing providers and private trusts.

Under Construction
2023 Completion
Stewart St

Plan -Master Final lot 1 - 16.5 march 16
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