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Consultancy - management - investment -  infrastructure
Dark Roofs Housing Complex

A focused approach to realising potentials for landowners, tenants and commercial lease holders.

Terrafermah land solutions provide; 

  • Development Manager 

  • Full Project Management service

       to provide in depth knowledge of all elements of structured development.


What is the difference between a Development manager and a Project manager is a common question. A Development Manager focuses on risk mitigation. That is construction risk, project budget risks, ability to mitigate risk, settlement risk and finally full repayments to all stakeholder risk. The role of a Development manager is to tie together and oversee all consultants in the legal, financial , engineering, design, sales areas,  as well as all statutory authorities (including planning and building regulatory authorities) to ensure the successful completion of a development . The CEO of the development is a good analogy.  

Specific areas of focus 1980 to 2020 :

Residential Property Development specialises in medium sized subdivisions from 2 to 20 sections     

Most subdivisions are designed as fully completed house and land packages


Residential Land Solutions specialises in subdivision development of primarily affordable retirement housing, with an independent life style focus


Commercial Land Solutions specialises predominantly in retail convenience centre developments from Taupo to Auckland, mixing retail and office opportunities

Terrafermah’s Main current projects include

  • Vertical integration of NZ Construction, Mihomes and Modulock. This model brings together offshore modular manufacturing, global supply chain management, property development, construction and investment trusts.

  • Hicks Bay Port. The development of NZ’s first new deep-water port in over one hundred years.




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