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Terrafermah is a group of five entities

The focus of Terrafermah is to complete solely internal projects by vertically integrating its entities, to create competitive advantage. That is by speed of construction, reduced cost to develop and ability to scale.

We have worked in closely with various government and territorial authorities’ departments to build trusting relationships, that have allowed us to achieve our objectives. To ensure we have and retain competitive advantage, we have been developing our own proprietary housing building system protected by patents, as well as are undertaking further R & D to enhance dwelling build operation efficiencies. Besides patents pending, the dwelling design, manufacture and supply chain has received NZ government Multiproof approvals – which require territorial authorities to accept the design and fast track building consents.

To date no external entity contracts have been accepted from incorporated groups or international clients for supply or build of dwellings. “Guns for hire” is not our focus. We need to be involved to ensure objectives are met. Terrafermahs’ director Dave Fermah takes a hands on approach to the development manager role. His over view role is to ensure all the various strands of successful development are checked and coordinated- That is innovative offerings that create value, have a broad customer base, efficient design, finance, project management, settlement, stakeholders interests and returns on investment, are all achieved to predetermined levels.

  • NZ Construction Ltd – Construction project manager and Group housing builder

  • Mi Home Villages Ltd – Operations of Mi Home housing project

  • Modulock – Proprietary and patented modular housing design, with exclusive supply contracts from Chinese manufacturers including Chinas largest steel frame housing supplier  which is one of the world’s largest construction material suppliers.

  • Northern development Trust – Standalone development entity for infill group housing for sale to NZ government

  • Terrafermah Ltd - Infrastructure development – Hicks Bay Port project


The Cogs 

in the Machine


NZ Construction

MiHomes Villages



Dave Fermah

Founder, Managing Director

Dave Fermah

In business since aged 17  jointly building up the Fermah Group into a $40m asset group of companies over 30 years which included the 50 store "The Source" retail Group, TimFin Manufacturing export plant , Foodrunner (online retail delivery system) Loansurf (online mortgages) as well as commercial and residential property investment and development . He has had at any time 100 directly employed staff over this time. He  previously has won Regional Enterprise NZ award aged 27, Riunner up IDG IT innovator of the year, Best Video chain store, Best Hi Fi Store plus various other national awards. He has undertaken business studies at UCLA , California USA.


Trevor Grey

CFO _ MiHome Villages

Trevor Grey BCom

CFO – MiHome Villages

Specialising in Technology companies and originally the face and initial distributor of Microsoft in NZ Trevor previously was founder and group CEO of Renaissance Corporation Limited growing into a publicly listed company employing 200 staff with turnover of NZ $150M. Currently involved in property investment and software startups.


Dobrivoje Milosavljevic

Architect , Supply & Logistics Europe

Dobrivoje Milosavljevic M.Arch (master architecture and architectural engineering)

Dobrivoje has been working on the MiHomes Modular project for four years. He assisted  in setting up the initial manufacturing base in China and ensuring that QA systems were in place and followed . He is also responsible for QA of the materials supply chain from Europe . He also has his own independent design business Din3Architects


Wolfgang Schenk

Structural Engineer

Wolfgang Schenk ,  DIP. ING. F.H.(BE Civil/Struct. Hon) ,MIPENZ,CP ENG(struct/civil)

Conception and design of temporary works for buildings, bridges, marine structures, form-work design, jump forms, crane foundation, value engineering designs, High rise engineering. Particular interest in German Modular housing and passive house design.


David Kim

Quantity Surveyor, Analytics, Logistics.

David Kim MSc (Hons)

Now undertaking studies for a QS qualifications David was previously  a data analyst and data Scientist for Accordo,  F & P Finance and  IAG He has a strong interest in construction and property development


Tom Garlick

Research and Development - International Sales

Tom Garlick

Tom has previously owned commercial enterprises with expertise in design and marketing, telecommunications, technology and innovation. He is currently senior advisor for Live international a global consultancy and treasury for international investors


Taras Klish

Smart housing R&D manager- Embedding IT into Modulock Houses

Taras has over 25 years of experience in IT providing solutions to businesses in many industries. These include but are not limited to Telcos, ISPs, Hospitality and Transportation. Areas of expertise are: Business Analysis, Solutions Design, Database Design, Backend and Frontend Programming. Taras was head programmer at one of Dave’s previous companies – E-mmediate labs/Foodrunner, an early version of Uber Eats and Amazon, that won runner up IDG IT innovator of the year in 2000.


Demos Zhou

Supply and Logistics China

Demos Zhou

Demos has been working on the MiHomes project for four years. He was instrumental in setting up the manufacturing in Hengshui China. He has significant experience setting up and supporting global sales channels as well as assisting in the supply chain and logistics from China. 


Paul McLaughlin

Site Project Manager

Paul McLaughlin

LBP Foundations and Carpentry

Paul has been instrumental in refining the installation on site of the  Modulock flatpack housing system. He has worked with Dave on Dave’s development sites since 2005

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