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Our project management company



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and MiHomes.

NZ Construction is a central pillar of the vertical integration 

and significantly reduces the cost structure by employing 

all sub-contractors direct and arranging material supply direct.

It also ensures we deliver on time and on budget. 

 NZ construction does not work for any external parties.

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NZ Construction Ltd specialises in only two areas.


Simple 3 or 4 bedroom dwellings, medium sized subdivisions from 2 to 25 sections. Most subdivisions are designed as fully completed house and land packages. These sites are often in-fill sites in existing built up urban areas. NZ construction specialises in simple single level 135 to 165m2 brick and tile houses which can be erected within 3 to 4 months at cost effective building rates. The build system is using the standard NZ wooden frame pre-nail system. Clients include Housing NZ.

Modulock modular housing erection. NZ Construction Ltd owns the Modulock housing brand. Modulock have been housing Kiwis since the 1980’s and built the 1990 Commonwealth games village in Auckland. These early Modulock houses were of similar wood construction to Lockwood’s.

Modulock housing in the 2000’s is now focused on modular high-speed erection systems, that suit scaled developments of 20 to 100+ units for corporate ownership or Iwi use. To achieve the rapid construction Modulock offers, steel framing and other innovative design and build systems are used


NZ Construction Ltd or related development entities successful recent residential developments include Totara Park. This innovative housing development is a 22-unit house and land development aimed at those requiring retirement housing with an independent lifestyle.


For the (NZ government) Housing NZ division, NZ construction Ltd  has built and leased developments including the design, project management and lease of the 18-dwelling Sabulite Road, Kelston project in Auckland and in 2016 to 2018  sold to HNZ completed developments in Alfriston, Favona and Mangere East (Auckland) .

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