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Globally affordable housing
Technically advanced Scalable manufacture

This is the entire waste from two dwellings before recycling. 

"Honey I flat packed the house"

Modulock China, manufacturing facility

NZ, European and China based engineers and designers working collectively on site at the Modulock China, manufacturing facility. Delivering affordable built tough houses using international best practice.

Completed walls and floors being packed prior to export to international markets

Steel framing manufactured to Modulock NZ standard is 20% heavier than our minimum NZ standards. We have to build tough, NZ conditions are some of the most demanding, very high wind areas, light snow loading's, salt air and seismically active zones, with temperatures from below zero to the 40's

NZ Government Multiproof Approved Modular Housing
Certificate A10133 
Patent Pending: NZ739106

Construction activity waste accounts for around 30% of global waste. The Modulock tread lightly on the globe zero waste strategy in action. This is the entire waste from two dwellings before recycling. Total waste is already being reduced to below 20% of normal house construction

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